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Founder & Head Stylist

Meet Kandil, the visionary behind Pure Hair Salon. With over 15 years of experience as a stylist all over the world, Kandil came to Cayman with the core belief that natural organic care is better for your hair and for the environment.

"I am extremely happy to be sharing this unique natural experience at Pure Hair Salon with you, protecting our environment and having healthier hair and life"

Kandil believes in all things natural, eco-friendly and kind to our beautiful planet and is always on the lookout for the latest holistic treatment to offer in the salon.


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Holistic Practitioner

Darisnel Guerra Guerra is a highly experienced general practitioner with over 18 years of medical expertise in Cuba. Additionally, he has developed a strong background as a skilled massage therapist and aesthetician. Darisnel possesses extensive knowledge in natural and non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Fluent in both English and Spanish, he offers bilingual communication to his clients.

Before relocating to the Grand Cayman, Darisnel owned and operated "MissBella Estetica" SPA & Salon in Cuba. 

With his diverse background and expertise, Darisnel Guerra Guerra brings a wealth of knowledge and a holistic approach to his practice, ensuring his clients receive exceptional care and rejuvenating experiences.

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We care deeply about our wonderful planet and take our responsibility to look after it very seriously. Our Mission at Pure Hair Salon is a simple one. We provide you with a holistic salon experience utilizing natural, organic and sustainable products and processes whenever possible so that you can feel good about having great hair.


We pride ourselves in sourcing the best organic products and that can be recycled and techniques that reduce negative impacts on the environment. We strive to maintain the fertility of the earth by respecting the planet and our community.


At Pure Hair Salon, we love to build community, meeting like-minded souls and elevating their wellness with kind and conscious solutions to beauty. We have been lucky to meet so many wonderful people on our journey and we look forward to growing the organic hair family in Cayman.


We believe every person is connected with nature since birth and that beauty and wellness exist in harmony. If you choose to live a holistic lifestyle, you do not need to compromise on beautiful hair. Beauty can be built on living in harmony with nature, celebrating what is good for us, our community and the planet. 

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